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Ruthie Craig


My Story

When I started with Scentsy on 8 Nov 2009 my whole intention was just to earn extra money so that I did not have to wait until a payday to get my hair or nails done and to have a little extra money for the holiday season.  Being a military wife for a little of 30 years you learn very quickly how to adjust, adapt and over come lots of obstacles to arrive at the point of what you are trying to accomplish.  Whether it be extra money for a surprise or just money to put food on the table.  I always say it was my cousin who got me started with Scentsy because she had a party and i was not able to go the night she had it.  So I stopped by the next day to check it out and place a order with her, just to help her out with her party totals.  You know, family helping family.  I am such a candle freak and always have been but one day my youngest son left a candle buring in his man room and it set the fire alarms off so i banned all candles from my housse because as a child I was a victim of a home fire which took the lives of my mother and baby bother.  I purchased a bundle package at the time totaling $40 plus tax which included a large warmer-Grapevine, plug-in and 3 bars of wax-cranberry spice, sunkissed citrus and one other scent I cannot remember at the time.  Took it home and completely fell head over heals in love with the product.  I just had to have more, more, more.  To make a long story short I finally found a consultant who called me back, had my own party which with what I sold supplied my house with warmers and scent for me to enjoy. I invited that consultant back to ask questions on the business and how to become a consultant.  While I was asking her questions my husband, who I dearly love, went online and signed me up.  He told me he had every faith in my abilities and he was there to support me 200% even though he was inwardly a little skeptical at the time at how candles could ever be a profitable business, only because i used so many.  As they say the rest is history.  my husband is no longer skeptical, he is there every time i have an event or a home/basket party ready to help out in anyway possible.  Especially after I won a free trip to Disney, all expenses payed.  I then took us, all expenses paid, to the Dominican Republic for our first ever honeymoon after being married for over 10 years.  To this day i am so impressed with Scentsy and everyone who works in corporate.  Thank you Scentsy for having such a positive impact on my life and family. <!--endbody-->

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